Truck Bay / Vehicle Service

We understand that when your vehicle breaks you just want someone qualified to fix it and to treat you fairly. Unfortunately as modern diesel vehicles get more complicated finding someone qualified is getting harder. Fuel injectors can inject fuel up to seven times per stroke and have response rates that are measured in millionths of a second. Each fuel injector has calibration values stored in the ECM that makes each injector perform almost identically to the others. Turbochargers are adjusting their vanes/turbine housing volume up to 40 times in one second. All this ties into the ECM with miles of copper wire, and dozens of sensors. Because of this vehicles that are very difficult for your average garage to troubleshoot.

We can help!

We employee 4 full time truck bay mechanics. We have continually invested in the latest OEM tools and training designed to solve these issues. In addition to this we have some of the leading experts on modern fuel injection and turbocharger technologies in the same building. When all else fails we have the ability to engineer and build custom solutions to problems whether they are electric or mechanical. Not even the best equipped dealer can say that!