k31 172743 Detroit
k31 172743 Detroit
K31 12.7 Detroit 60 Series High Peformance

Hot Rod Detroit 60 Series Turbo
This is a high performance replacement for 12.7 Detroit Engines. Time to replace the turbo on your detroit 60 series? Or are you just looking for more horsepower and a better pulling truck? Why replace the stocker with another turbo that will perform exactly the same when you can have one that performs better for the same price? This is a new factory built hot-rod aftermarket turbo for the detroit 60 series. The K31 features a forged milled wheel for much greater durability, and a much more efficent wheel and housing design to give you a better performing turbo with no downside.
With this turbo you can expect:
*Better durability
*Lower EGT's
*5-10% increase in fuel mileage
*More horsepower

Replaces P/N's 23522188, 23522189, 23522190, 23522312, 23525463, 23526016, 23526271, 23526272, 23526679, 23528052, 23528059, 23528062, 23528064, 23528065, 23528069, 23529103, 23523040, 23525462, 23525464, 23526682, 23526885, 23528055, 23528058, 0R7575, 0R7578, 0R7579, 0R7292