S410G 3406E CAT TURBO 475-550HP

This is a brand new Borgwarner replacement for your Caterpillar turbocharger. It is a drop-in replacement for all single turbocharger caterpillar 3406E engines that fall within 475-550 hp. This turbo will work well even in situations where you have turned the fuel up to 475-550hp. Unlike the Garrett turbocharger this turbo features a through shaft compressor wheel design which has proven itself to be more durable and reliable.

Common Signs of a Turbocharger failure:
Burning Oil, Low Power, Black Smoke, Poor fuel economy, Loud metal to metal contact noises.

Replaces PN's: 0R7152, 137-4832, 196-5951, 167-9271, 0R7923, 0R7310, 124-3035, 0R6989, 0R7203, 141-8939, 0R7203, 146-4328, 0R7223, 136-6390, 0R6986, 124-3032, 141-8937, 0R7201, 166-6752, 0R7299