A replacement actuator without the hassle.

This is a new replacement turbo actuator that fits the 2007-2012 6.7 Dodge Cummins. This is not a reman or a rebuild of an existing unit. It is a completely new and redesigned product designed to replace the OEM unit. Unlike any other product on the market this actuator does not need to be programmed meaning that for the first time you can replace your own actuator without having to pay someone to program/calibrate it. It also features some improvements that should lead to more reliable operation under EFILIVE. If you have a code that starts with P226 you likely have stuck vanes and this will not fix the issue. We recommend replacing the entire assembly if you see a P226 code.

It is a what we call a half-shell, this means that you are replacing all the electronics including the circuit board and motor and only reusing the half of your actuator with the gears. This allows us to cut our cost and save you money. Installing/Using it is as simple as:
1. Drain your coolant.
2. Remove the 4 allen head screws holding your old actuator onto the turbocharger.
3. Check to make sure the gear that moves the vanes is freely moving.
4. Remove the 4 torx bit screws holding the 2 actuator halves together.
5. Use the same 4 torx bit screws to mate the new actuator half.
6. Rebolt the actuator to the turbocharger (it does not matter where the gear is).
7. Add your coolant back.
3770973 6.7 Replacement Actuator
3770973 6.7 Replacement Actuator
3770973 6.7 Replacement Actuator
If you have a P226C or P226B code do not replace the actuator without carefully confirming your turbocharger is good. These codes more commonly indicate a failed/stuck turbo vanes.
*This is a OEM replacement part not intended as a performance or add-on part. However we do not have a EO number for this part so it may not be CARB compliant.